Korea, Wonderland? 참 이상한 나라 - 영어 자막 텍스트 포함


Korea, Wonderland? 참 이상한 나라 - 영어 자막 텍스트 포함

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Korea, Wonderland? 참 이상한 나라



An 83-year-old woman hand-stitched masks made of faded fabrics in the hope of helping those who can’t get masks.

The woman left more than 20 masks and vanished.

This is the way people of Korea are.



When a virus was spreading from person to person around the world, and people were shunning each other in fear of infection, the people of Korea came together.

They rolled up their sleeves and helped their community in need.

The people of Korea

They came together again.

Donations flooded in from all across the country.

Voluntary doctors and nurses flocked to virus-affected areas.

Volunteers made and delivered free lunch boxes.

Landlords lowered rent for struggling business.




The unity of the Korean people has always emerged in times of need.

During the Asian financial crisis, all citizens participated in a nationwide gold collection to pay off the debt to the IMF.

They donated their cherished jewelry and any items made of gold.



2007 Taean Oil Spill

When an oil spill from a tanker blackened a wide stretch of coastline, they came together to do things that others thought were impossible.

People of all ages showed up with cloths and cleaned up oil-covered beaches.




When the virus hit the nation, the Korean people came together again.

When other countries refused to reveal their own virus outbreaks,

Korea got widespread testing up and running.

When fear gripped the nation with the number of cases soaring,

Korea continued the fight against the virus.

They provided information transparently and laid out measures to combat the spread of the virus.



The world started to see Korea differently.

The world saw it as a role model to follow in the fight against the virus.

The world realized that the people of Korea bravely confronted the virus and led the fight against it.

The world realized that Korea showed a good example of how democracies can face a crisis with transparency and leadership.



Even today, Korea is steadfastly fighting the virus.

If you happen to meet any Koreans who are fighting the virus, please say to them, “let’s overcome this together!”

Then they will say that what they’ve gone through was really tough, but it was a good lesson for them.

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