Caring for Educators is the First Step in Serving Students

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Caring for Educators is the First Step in Serving Students

  1. Establish a routine in your day, get dressed professionally, and put on your “teacher persona.” While sweatpants are inviting, our mental health is impacted by our routine and our costume, as is our self-confidence and positive outlook. That said, sleeping a bit later (no need to commute!) can help energize and ignite your passion.

  2. Speaking of passion, now is the time to escape the weariness of mandated curriculum and engage your creative mind and curious self. Consider the skills you want your students to learn, connect those skills to an area of study or topic that interests you, and let your own passion ignite that of your students. Excitement, curiosity, interest, and engagement can be communicated via a webcam and digital platform.

  3. Speaking of webcams, please use one. Ask your students to do the same, if possible. More than 90 percent of communication happens non-verbally. We are not fully engaged in teaching and learning if we cannot see each other.

  4. Exercise, be mindful of alcohol intake, and take time for daily reflection. Embracing that each of us is hurting, and giving ourselves permission to grieve our lost routines and joys, are the first steps towards healing.

  5. Make learning bite-sized, assume it will take students two to three times longer to learn a skill, and honor that we’re not engaged in distance learning—we’re engaged in crisis teaching. Check in daily with students about their feelings and emotions. Minds follow hearts. Care about the kids before you concern yourself with tests, grades, and other outcomes.

  6. Finally, plan now for a transformed school environment. Flexible classrooms to allow physical distance, professional development focused on teacher-student relationships and trauma informed teaching, and strategies for measuring student learning readiness are urgent next steps.

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아침마다 읽어보려고 인쇄했습니다. 감사합니다^^
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